Behind the contemporary Italian food and dynamic restaurant experience, there’s an inspiring story to tell – one of sensory enlightenment and a passion for seeing people come together over good food.

Gemelli Cucina Bar was founded on the concept of great, wholesome Italian food for the entire family. Founder, Alessandro Mosupi Khojane grew up in Roma, Italy, around a large family who enjoyed entertaining friends, which sparked his own love for people and food. With over 10 years in the industry, Alessandro has developed a passion for seeing truly happy customers enjoying their food experience

Modern, innovative cooking styles and techniques, coupled with inspired yet classically definitive flavor pairings translate into multiple courses intended to be light at heart in concept, yet entirely poignant and sincere in their delivery. Gemelli, whilst simple in its approach, aims to always deliver high on food expectation.

Gemelli’s contemporary Italian food menu relates to and depends heavily on seasonality, sustainability and provenance in terms of the ingredients sourced. Italy, and its incomparable cuisine, is in our hearts. We explore innovative, contemporary ways of paying homage to its timeless flavour profiles and combinations, with a memorable touch of Gemelli personality.

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